advanced structural and pipework analysis


The non-linear nature of ground support interaction of pipeline is well suited for solution using the non-linear analysis capability of FS2000. Pipeline models are not a special feature of FS2000 they are just normal models which require non-linear solution. 

A range of non-linear elements were developed specifically for pipeline analysis. These elements can provide any type of support condition using various type of contact element to simulate soil support springs (bi/multi linear kinematic memory models).

The 3-D Non-linear solver module is used for most pipeline analysis apart from UHB and lateral buckling analysis, these requires the large displacement capability of DyNoFlex solver. 

The DyNoFlex solver can be used for dynamic simulations e.g. installation scenarios. Node to Node displacements can be easily defined to simulate misaligned flange make-up loading etc.

The results from pipeline analysis can be automatically design checked against the pipeline design code available in FS-Pipe.

A model generation wizard can be used to simplify the definition of properties, generation of the model and creation of the load cases. The evaluation of properties are based on the ASCE's "Guidelines for the Design of Buried Steel Pipe", 2001 or commonly used industry practice. Temperature profile can be easily mapped to the pipeline element mashes. This utility can be used to generate models for:

  • Pipeline Expansion

  • On bottom settlement

  • Upheaval buckling

  • Pipe walking