advanced structural and pipework analysis

Sales/Further Information

FS2000 is formed from a core module and series of integrated optional modules. The list below shows the licensing and cost divisions for the various modules.  

Licenses are available on a single payment perpetual license basis with optional technical and upgrade support or a lease basis which includes both technical and upgrade support. The minimum lease period is 3 months.

The modules are fully integrated and the system can be added to on an 'as and when requirements dictate' basis.

If you require license costs or any additional information on the FS2000 modules please contact AES. EMail us now

  • FS2000-Core Module: 3-D Analysis (1500 Elements)
  • FS2000-Core Module: 3-D Analysis (32000 Elements)
  • FS-3D Non-Linear: (Contact/Friction, Soil/Pile Interaction)
  • FS-DyNoFlex: (Non-Linear/Dynamic Incremental Solver)
  • FS-Pile: Non-Linear Foundation Analysis (Includes dynamic pile driving analysis)
  • FS-Dynamic: Linear Dynamic Response Analysis
  • FS-Wave: Hydrodynamic Wave Load Generation
  • FS-Wind: Aerodynamic Load Generation
  • FS-CMotion: Transportation Load Generation
  • FS-Seismic: Earthquake Loading (UBC & AS 1170 etc)
  • FS-AISC/API: Member Design Check (9thEd, API RP2A, AISC360, API-LRFD)
  • FS-EC3/ISO 19902: Member Design Check (EC3 & ISO 19902 Offshore)
  • FS-BS5950: Member Design Check
  • FS-TubeJoint: CHS & RHS Joint Design (API RP2A, EC3/CIDEC, HSE)
  • FS-Pipe: Pipework and pipeline design (B31.1,3,4 & 8, PD8010, DNV F101)
  • FS-OffFat: Deterministic Offshore Fatigue Analysis
  • FS-OffFat-Spec: Spectral Offshore Fatigue Analysis
  • FS-Fracture: Fatigue/Fracture Assessment (BS 7910 etc)