advanced structural and pipework analysis

Non-Linear Analysis

FS-DyNoFlex is a general purpose non-linear dynamic incremental solver. The two predominant modes of structural non-linear behavior included are:

  • Geometric nonlinearity (large displacement and contact)
  • Material nonlinearity (plasticity). 

It also has the capability to include (time history) hydrodynamic wave loading and vessel type motions (RAOs). This, coupled with the range of available elements, enables the dynamic simulation of most form's structural behaviour in both marine and non-marine environments.


  • Dynamic (Implicit time history - Newmark, Wilson Theta or WBZ Alpha methods)
  • Large Displacement
  • Variable loading using time curves
  • Frame Plasticity - Ideal plastic behaviour - Axial/Moment Interaction (Linear/BS5950 etc)
  • Moment Curvature (non-linear elastic/kinematic memory models)
  • Plasticity - Defined by stress/strain curve (Pipe elements)
  • Tension/Compression Only Elements
  • Gap Elements (Contact/Friction)
  • Damping elements
  • Pipe/Soil Interaction elements - Buried and surface
  • Interfaces with FS-Wave - Response from Regular or Irregular Seastates (JONSWAP etc)
  • Vessel elements (motion by RAO definition)
  • Non-Linear Soil/Pile Interaction - Interfaces with FS-Pile for 3-D Pile analysis
  • Standard result case can be formed at any range of time step - design checks
  • Displacemant, forces and stress plots