advanced structural and pipework analysis

FS-Pile undertakes the non-linear analysis of foundation piles. The pile segments can be incorporated in any FS2000 model to enable the inclusion of effects of 3-D non-linear pile/structure interaction. These pile segments and the structure become a fully integrated structural model.

The non-linear characteristics of the pile and soil are modeled using beam elements to represent the pile and discrete non-linear springs to model the soil interaction. Both skin friction and pile tip springs are used. In cases where pile/structure interaction is not a requirement, the program can operate almost independently to FS2000 for the generation of the pile model and its associated properties and capacities. FS2000 is required to be used to save the pile model and for the evaluation of the stresses and forces in the pile.

The pile capacities and stiffness properties are evaluated using the different methods presented in the API RP2A 21st Edition (including the 2008 supplement) and the ICP method (MTB publication 96/103). Capacities can also be evaluated using defined stiffness curves e.g. P-Y curves. Optional variations are available so as to provide a more generalised approach.

Pile Driving analysis can be undertaken using Smith's Wave Equation.

Pile Bending pile3 3-D Model with Piles
  • P-Y, T-Z & Q-Z Curves Generated - Curves Generated from Sand and Clay soil design strength profiles.
  • User defined P-Y, T-Z & Q-Z - User defined soil stiffness curves can be used to generate the non-linear pile springs.
  • Full graphical output of P-Y data etc. - All data generated or used can be selectively plotted.
  • Axial capacities (inc. FofS) - Tubular Depth capacities based on skin friction and end bearing
  • Outputs Pile Characteristics vs Depth - Axial capacity, skin friction, end bearing etc. can be plotted or presented in tabular form.
  • Pile Head Forces or Displacements - Forces, moments or prescribed displacements can be applied to pile model.
  • Plots of Pile Head Stiffness - Pile head loading automatically stepped to produce pile head stiffness characteristics.
  • Equivalent Linear Pile - Automatic selection of equivalent linear pile properties (and soil surface spring) based on linearised secant matrix.
  • FS2000 Model Interaction - Pile models can be added to standard FS2000 structural models to provide full 2-D & 3-D non-linear interaction for any form of 3D structure.
  • P-Delta & Elasto/Plastic - These effects can be included when using the Non-Linear analysis module of FS2000
  • Configuration Factors - Design factors to enable non standard pile shapes to be analysed e.g. suction piles.