advanced structural and pipework analysis

Static Non-Linear Analysis

The non-linear behavior of structural systems can be analysed using the standard FS2000 Core Module solver or the optional non-linear solvers, FS-3D Non-Linear & FS-DyNoFlex. The range of elements and solution options enable the user to model and undertake static solutions or dynamic simulations of an extremely wide range of structural systems in both marine and non-marine environments.


The core module standard solver is primarily a linear solver but it has a limited but very useful non-linear capability.

Analysis Features

  • P-Delta Analysis (2nd order analysis)
  • Tension/Compression Only Elements
  • Contact/Interference

The loading to this module is applied in a single step.  Load case combinations can be pre-combined. This simplifies its use since the only non-linear control parameters required are maximum number of iterations and a convergence criteria ratio.


There are two main non-linear solvers in FS2000. FS-3DNonLinear is a static solver version of FS-DyNoFlex without the dynamic and large displacement capability. One of the main reasons for providing a static only solver is that it simplifies the solution controls and makes the module more accessible to the less experienced analyst.

The solver is an incremental solver (static time history) in which the load cases are applied in the accordance with their position in the load case combination.

Solution Features

  • Frame Plasticity - Ideal plastic behaviour - Axial/Moment Interaction (Linear/BS5950 etc.)
  • P-Delta
  • Plasticity - Defined by stress/strain curve (Pipe elements)
  • Moment curvature
  • Tension/Compression Only Elements
  • Various Gap Type Elements (Contact/Friction)
  • Pipeline/Soil Interaction elements - Buried and surface
  • Non-Linear Soil/Pile Interaction - Interfaces with FS-Pile for 3-D Pile analysis