advanced structural and pipework analysis

Finite Element Features

FS2000 is a complete finite system offering 3-D finite element modeling in an interactive graphical environment. The range of line, surface and solid elements enable any type of structural system to be modeled. All 3-D elements e.g. beams, shells and solids can be connected within a model with full compatibility.

FS2000 has an interface module that can convert FE meshes generated by mesh generation software package GID.

Element Library

  • Beam elements
  • Pipe elements
  • Springs
  • Contact (Node & Surface)
  • 2D Plane Stress/Plain Strain
  • Axisymmetric Solid
  • Axisymmetric Shell
  • Membrane Shell
  • Thin Shell
  • Thick Shell
  • 3-D Solids
  • Solution Options - Solid Full/Selective Integration, QM6 or RDOF(rotational degrees of freedom)
  • Isoparametric - Linear and Parabolic



  • Nodal
  • Gravitational
  • Distributed edge and face pressure
  • Heat Transfer
  • Thermal


  • Displacement and Stress at elements and nodes
  • Stress and displacement contour plots
  • Component Stresses
  • Von-Mises
  • Principle
  • Stress intensity
  • Averaged or unaveraged stresses
  • Stress linearisation for pressure vessel design
  • Group attribute controlled averaging process
Tube/Bracket Connection