advanced structural and pipework analysis

Batch Processing

The Batch Process Control is a separate Windows application to FS2000. It is used to run the pre-analysis, analysis and post analysis process modules of FS2000. It will run as a background task simultaneously with FS2000 or any other Windows application.

The model being processed by the Batch Process Control can be different from that in the FS2000 interactive environment. It can also be set to consecutively run different models.

Using Dynamic model interpretation the models can be modified during execution of the batch process, e.g. elements can be added or removed between different load cases.

It is not necessary to know the command line instruction for the various modules. The modules that run in batch mode can also be run interactively from FS2000 using their respective dialogue forms. Each of these forms possesses a batch button, which converts and appends the current form setting the currently active batch file. Once in the batch file the command line can be moved to any desired location.